Patch of Land Review - Become the Bank

Just like a bank uses your deposits to give mortgages, you can cut out the middle-man and use your money to invest in lucrative mortgage backed real estate deals.

Patch of Land is an innovative company that focuses on finding, vetting, and funding loans that are secured by the 1st lien position on a potential property, then they allow you to buy a portion of each loan.

Is Buildium Worth it?

If you're anything like me, you've toyed with the idea of signing up for property management software, but you've procrastinated for months or even years.

After all, you've made it this far without any help, why do you need to pay for software?

Find out why.

What are Capitalization Rates?

Capitalization rate is one method used to determine the value of income producing property.

Though using cap rates to value property can be very accurate most of the time, it is still not applicable in some circumstances.

Cash on Cash Return Explained

If you've spent more than 4.7 seconds reading about real estate investing, you've heard the term "cash on cash return" tossed around like chicken nugget.

It's really important to understand the term because it's what drives real estate investing.